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Single girder crane

Single girder crane

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  HE NAN
  • Brand Name:  WEIHUA
  • Model Number:  LD

Product introduction:

LD type electric single beam crane (hereinafter referred to as the crane) is designed and manufactured according to JB/T1306-1994 standard, with the CD1, MD1 and other models of electric hoist supporting the use, as a light small lifting equipment. The rated load of 1t - 10t; 7.5m ~ 22.5m span, adapt to the temperature of -25 to 40 DEG C, relative humidity is less than 85%, in the absence of fire and explosion dangerous medium and corrosive environment, prohibit the lifting of molten metal, toxic, flammable and explosive materials. For the convenience of users, with the ground and the operating room of two forms of control, the operating room and the side door with a face and two forms, for the user to choose to use. This product is widely used in mechanical manufacturing, assembly, warehouse and other places.

Structure characteristics

A. metal structure part

The main beam of the U groove plate rolling forming, welding and steel box girder, steel beam is rolled into welding groove type U group into box beam, for convenient transportation and storage, and the main beam can be decomposed between transportation, installation of high-strength bolts for bridge component.

B. operating mechanism

This product is driven by the form, driven by the cone motor brake to complete, the drive is used

Open and close type gear transmission.

C. electrical equipment

This product with a conical motor motor with braking device, control box for DK2 type special electrical control box (ground operation) or protection cabinet with cam controller operation control (CAB operation), ground operation speed: 20m/min; 30m/min; operating room operates as 45m/min; 60m/min; 75m/min. Crane with safety device, high reliability

  • Place of Origin:  HE NAN
  • Brand Name:  WEIHUA
  • Model Number:  LD
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